Sweet Pea Portrait is a Las Vegas based photography company.  Owner/photographer Nicole Pursell.

Being a wedding and event photographer for over 14 years, I felt something was missing: babies & children!  Established in 2011, school & sport photography is my next great adventure!

Having children of my own, I know how important those semiannual school pictures are.  We’ve all seen what the big corporate photography companies have to offer and we’re disappointed.  We can do better!  The cookie cut fashion, those fake smiles they have our children produce before the photographers have to move on to the next one …  At Sweet Pea, we know how important it is to have great lighting, and nice backgrounds, but most important of all is to have fabulous pictures of our children.  The ones that make you say, ”Oh!  You’ve captured it! You’ve got his great smile!” or “My princess is so adorable!”,  “This is who my kid is!”!  Years later, when you look back at the pictures, you won’t see the staged poses and the polite smiles – you’ll see your kids as they really were, as you always remembered them!

Our kids grow up so fast- so much changes in a year.  They get older, they mature, and their haircuts and outfits reflect that.  Typical staged portraits put your kid in the same unimaginative poses and settings, but they don’t reflect how your little one is growing up.  At Sweet Pea, we strive to have uniquely beautiful portraits of your child that you’ll be proud to show off and share with your family and friends.

 We love what we do, & the opportunity to capture your treasured memories forever is as fun for us as it will be for you!